• Cars and Curves: A Tribute to 70 Years of Porsche

Cars and Curves: A Tribute to 70 Years of Porsche

Coffee table book celebrates sports car manufacturer’s storied past through inspiring imagery

Avatar By: Dustin Woods August 31, 2018

“In the beginning I looked around and could not find quite the car I dreamed of. So I decided to build it myself.”

Ferry Porsche

There have been many milestones worthy of accolade in Porsche’s 70-year history. The Sports car manufacturer from Stuttgart is justifiably celebrated for creating some of the most elegantly designed purpose-built vehicles in history.

Porsche is celebrating itself in a number of ways this year – parades, a museum exhibit, a special edition timepiece and a 911 Speedster Concept, to name a few. ‘Cars and Curves: A Tribute to 70 Years of Porsche’ chronicles and celebrates highlights from the renowned brand’s prestigious history, complimented by striking images worthy of being blown up and mounted on your wall.

These flattering photographs commemorate some of the more notable historical moments throughout the last 70 years, highlighting the brand’s celebrated performance prowess and sensual design. Brought to you by writers and photographers Stefan Bogner and Ben Winter, their historical account of significant milestones and models is documented through inspiring accounts and stunning photos of beautiful cars navigating serpentine curves and Alpine passes. Transporting you to legendary roads and racetracks around the globe, stunning images put you in the driver’s seat, showcasing cockpit details of priceless works of art.

Regardless of whether you have a Porsche in your garage or not, this is a book you’ll enjoy and be proud to keep on display for you and your fellow car enthusiast guests.

Cars and Curves: A Tribute to 70 Years of Porsche

Porsche Past, Present and Future

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