• Eye Candy: 1970 Citroen Chapron

Eye Candy: 1970 Citroen Chapron

With less than 1,365 Citroen Chapron DS convertibles built from 1960 to 1971, Arnold Korne's coupe is a rare sight to see.

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Arnold Korne: Wheels Reader

Occupation: Retired business exec. and a former president of the Antique and Classic Car Club of Canada

The Car: 1970 Citroën Chapron DS 21 convertible

This is an original fuel injected 1970 Citroën Chapron DS convertible.

It was the first year for Citroën’s factory fuel injection system and this one is registered as a Chapron #9346. This rare coupe also holds a place of honour at the Le Conservatoire Citroën, a Parisian museum that features more than 400 well-preserved Citroën vehicles throughout the French carmaker’s 99-year history.

There were only a very few 1970 Chapron fuel injected convertibles and how many are left is unknown. Certainly there are none here in North America that we know of. It is the rarest of the Citroën DS variants, with a convertible model produced from 1958 to 1973.

Designed and made by French coach builder Henri Chapron, only 1,365 Chaprons were sold. The car was purchased new at Carrier Motors in Montreal in 1971, and I have the original bill of sale.

Eye Candy 1970 Citroen Chapron

The first owner drove the car for a period of time before placing it in storage, where it remained for several years, until I purchased the car from him in 1988. At that time a partial restoration was done.

In 2011 a very detailed, total restoration was undertaken, in which the Chapron was completely dismantled, down to the last nut and bolt. The bare body was installed on a specially built rotisserie. This project took six years to complete.

The motor is a 2.175 ci 4-cylinder rated at 105 horse power. These engines were very reliable, certainly not high torque, but it will always get up to any highway speed needed.

There is nothing to compare with the floating ride of a Citroën. My wife, Barbara, and I take every opportunity to take this beauty for a ride — weather permitting.

It is a family heirloom that we hope our children will enjoy when we are no longer able to use it.

In my spare time now I help fellow car enthusiasts who wish to sell their collectible cars and find new homes for them.

Eye Candy 1970 Citroen Chapron

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