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Ford Teases Bronco Logo, Takes us One Step Closer to Spring 2020 Premiere

It’s worth noting that Ford announced the Bronco way back in January 2017, nearly one thousand days ago.

Matthew Guy By: Matthew Guy November 1, 2019

While the Blue Oval hasn’t released any additional images of the upcoming Bronco, they have decided that fans of the revived Wrangler-fighter are worthy of seeing its new logo. The company has also nailed down a date for the production model’s world premiere: Spring 2020.

The logo will be immediately recognizable to anyone who’s seen any of the previous-generation Bronco SUVs, with a kicking horse reigning supreme over the model’s nameplate. Ford has selected a thick and blocky font for that lettering, one that will surely project the appropriate image when customers inevitably cross-shop this thing with the Jeep Wrangler.

Ford Bronco Logo

Most of what we know about the new Bronco has been assembled from a bit of extrapolation and a whole lot of conjecture. Convention holds that the truck will have a removable roof and doors, just like the arch-nemesis Wrangler. There is an excellent chance the Bronco will be available with stout off-road kit like 33-inch tires and locking diffs, both features which pop up on Rubicon-level Jeeps.

Less clear is the truck’s powertrain. There have been plenty of reports, including a leak from a parts-lookup tool in Canadian Tire of all places, to give credence to the assertion Bronco will share much with Ranger, including the 2.3L Ecoboost four-banger. What the SUV may have over the pickup is the presence of an optional manual transmission, possibly a seven-speed unit with a granny gear. If even parts of these rumours are true, there stands an excellent chance that Bronco will eat some of Wrangler’s lunch.

It’s worth noting that Ford announced the Bronco way back in January 2017, nearly one thousand days ago. With the company promising to show off a production-ready model in the Spring of 2020, it’s safe to say there’s an excellent chance Bronco will enter actual production (also known as Job #1 in the biz) in late 2020, likely November. Will there be a three-door version in addition to the expected five-door? Only time (and maybe a leak or two) will tell.

Alert readers will note that today’s announcement, when combined with the Ford product schedule we showed you earlier this week, gives us better clarity into when future vehicles will be coming down the Blue Oval pipe. Assuming the vehicles are arranged in chronological order, there is an excellent chance we’ll see a new F-150 sometime in the next twelve months.

Until then, we’ll have to busy ourselves by simply imagining the vehicle on which this logo will be installed.