Insider Report: Two men dunk
a Peugeot but save the beer

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Watch two guys put a Peugeot in a lake and laugh it off
People often wonder why young men have to pay more for car insurance. Believe it or not, I was a young man who was obsessed with cars once upon a time and unlike many other folks, I actually remember what it was like. The reason young guys pay more is that a good many of them behave like young guys, which often ends up costing an insurance company money. The pair in the video below are a prime example. They’re just a couple of young guys in a Peugeot 206 hatchback, having a bit of fun on a gravel road. The problem is, when the one in the driver’s seat runs out of talent, they take a rather nasty turn into a lake.
On the plus side, at least it looks like they saved the case of Corona that was on the floor in front on the passenger’s side.

Porsche Rennsport Australia Festival 2013
One of the great events that I hope to attend one of these days is a Porsche Rennsport get together. These events bring together icons of the Porsche world, both humans and machines. They allow the Porsche faithful to rub shoulders with some racing and design greats, while also seeing the cars up close and in motion. On May 25-26, Porsche fans Down Under got together at Sydney Motorsport Park for the Porsche Rennsport Australia Motor Racing Festival. The cars on hand ranged from a Le Mans winning Porsche 936 to a more modern 2005/6 class-winning American Le Mans Series LMP2 Porsche RS Spyder.

Ride with Subaru Rally Team’s David Higgins at STPR
I have said many times in the Insider Report that I feel that performance rallying is by far the most pure form of motorsport. Even with the HD video footage available, sometimes it can be tough to convey just how fast, how exhilarating the sport really is. Subaru Rally Team USA has just released the full onboard footage of David Higgins and Craig Drew as they win Stage 12 at the 2013 Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally in Pennsylvania. The 9 minute video shows Higgins in full attack mode in the Subaru WRX STI, with an average speed of 112 km/h. If that doesn’t seem fast to you, then crank up the sound, choose full screen and hold on!

Slow it down at WRC Acropolis Rally
The development of super slow motion video cameras has made motorsport even more exciting for those of us who dig the technical side of the sport. There is something that is so riveting about watching a car work hard to achieve speed. Add in spraying rocks and the like and rally in slo-mo HD is simply spectacular. You went fast with Higgins, now slow it down with the WRC circus at this year’s Acropolis rally.

Speed it up again, closer to home
It doesn’t matter what the cars are, or where they are competing, but there are always records to be broken. At Toronto Motorsports Park over the weekend, Canadian Sport Compact Series racer James Houghton set a new track record for a Front Wheel Drive car. Competing at the series’ season opener at TMP, Houghton won his class at the wheel of a supercharged Acura Integra Type-R. Riding along in this potent racer gives a glimpse of just how fast local racers can be.

  • Insider Report: Two men dunk <br>a Peugeot but save the beer
  • Insider Report: Two men dunk <br>a Peugeot but save the beer
  • Insider Report: Two men dunk <br>a Peugeot but save the beer
  • Insider Report: Two men dunk <br>a Peugeot but save the beer
  • Insider Report: Two men dunk <br>a Peugeot but save the beer

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