• Predictive Active Suspension

New Audi S8 Features Predictive Active Suspension

The latest Audi S8 performance flagship combines bi-turbo eight-cylinder TFSI producing 563 hp and 590 lb/ft of torque with advanced wheel-specific active suspension.

Avatar By: Wheels.ca July 10, 2019

Devotees of luxury travel who don’t always want to take a back seat will welcome the return of the Audi S8.

It is the latest iteration combining the rarefied comfort and refinement of the flagship Audi A8 sedan with a bi-turbo V8 gasoline engine channelling an impressive 563 hp and 590 lb/ft of torque to the road via predictive active suspension, dynamic-all-wheel steering and quattro drive supplemented by a rear sport differential.

Iron-lined cylinder barrels in the aluminum crankcase reduce friction for exceptionally smooth running, and for moments when power takes precedence automatically actuated flaps in the exhaust system accentuate the already impressive V8 sound.

For the ultimate in comfort, sound intrusion that is less desirable is eliminated by active noise cancellation integrated into the sound system.

The mild hybrid system (MHEV) works continuously to reduce fuel consumption.

Its 48-volt belt alternator starter and the additional lithium-ion battery enable coasting with the engine switched off, fast restart and an extended start-stop range.

New Audi S8 Features Predictive Active Suspension

Fuel savings of up to 0.8L/100 km is possible in everyday driving.

The Audi drive select system – another standard feature – also helps to further enhance the impressive adaptability of the S8.

It offers a choice of five operating modes, including a new “Comfort +” profile which makes cornering more comfortable by tilting the body into bends by as much as three-degrees to reduce the lateral acceleration acting on the occupants.

Another system designed to make the S8 feel lighter on its feet is the standard dynamic-all-wheel steering.

It allows the independent adjustment of the steering angles at the front and rear axles, thereby facilitating quick and direct steering response and a tight turning circle at low and medium speeds but also supreme stability on the highway.