Benz history on display

The inventor of the automobile has also reinvented the auto museum, blending an ubercool atmosphere with an intensely historic (yet at the same time wonderfully stylish) edge.

Chevy's Sequel is a prelude to the future

Given the absence of a conventional powertrain, I expected eerie quiet. But the noise level in General Motors' fuel-cell-powered Sequel experimental vehicle was not much different from that in any cur

Second-Hand: Suzuki XL-7

Planning a bank heist? Drive a Suzuki XL-7 and you can be assured that no eyewitness will be able to identify your getaway vehicle.

New motorcycles for 2007

There were some interesting new models unwrapped at various European motorcycle shows recently.

Second-Hand: Ford Taurus

Underscoring its newfound infatuation with aerodynamic styling, Ford unveiled the all-new 1986 Taurus on the MGM soundstage where Gone With the Wind was filmed.

Second-Hand: Toyota Prius

If Springfield Mayor Diamond Joe Quimby ever needs an instant image makeover, nothing beats being photographed climbing out of a Toyota Prius.

Second-Hand: Dodge Dakota Quad Cab

With light trucks capturing one-half of the market by the late 1990s, a bloodless coup was unfolding in the driveways of North America.

A taste test of Ford's future

During our visit to Ford's new Dearborn Development Center, World of Wheels had two all-too-brief, but all-very-interesting taste tests of some coming Blue Oval technology.

Size matters

Pirelli recently launched a major assault in the Battle of the Bling, unveiling the world's first 30-inch, ultra-high-performance tire for light trucks and SUVs.

A panoply of Porsche news

For a company that makes four models, Porsche sure keeps us busy with product news. First is the arrival of a new entry-level Cayman.

E-Class Across Asia

In what's described as an, exceptional acid test for the new generation of the E-Class, Mercedes will send 33 of its diesel-powered sedans on a 26-day journey from Paris to Beijing