Second-Hand: VW Golf

Volkswagen has gotten good mileage out of its German-engineered advertising boast, but judging by the volume of complaints about its products on the World Wide Web (no kidding, we found unhappy owners

Chrysler rolls out new-gen Sebring

Chrysler this week broke with the tradition of introducing new products at auto shows by revealing its next-generation 2007 Sebring via a webcast.

Second-Hand: Nissan Quest

The future does not belong to designers creating products that do not displease the customer, Renault stylist Patrick le Quement told magazine Fast Company in 2004.

Cranked-Up Caliber

In Chi-town earlier this year, Dodge debuted its latest high-performance product, the 300-hp Caliber SRT4.

Canadian Camaro possible

It seems the wheels are turning at GM's Oshawa, Ontario plant, in an effort to secure a flexible manufacturing facility, which could build a new Chevrolet Camaro.

What cabbies drive and why...

So who better to answer the question: What are cabbies driving these days and why? Are those battered Ford Crown Victorias and Chevrolet Impalas really the zenith of automotive durability?

Low Emissions Land_E

At this year's Geneva auto show, Land Rover showed the wild-looking Land_e e-Terrain Technology Concept, which showcases eight new hybrid-like technologies meant to reduce CO2 emissions and cut fuel c

Ford to build hybrids here

Ford used the Canadian International Auto Show to announce it will be the first manufacturer to build hybrid vehicles in Canada.

What happened to run what ya brung?

You see, beginning with the 2007 season, NASCAR (the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) will head in an ill-advised direction that will further erode the grassroots culture which formed t

Benefits of two sets of tires

Are you thinking of going bi-polar? We're asking not in the psychiatric sense, but in the tire sense. You know, considering moving to a lifestyle that entails changing to a winter wheel/tire set in th

BMW Driver Training

BMW Driver Training focuses mainly on improving driver's skills that are well above and beyond the admittedly light qualifications required by the various provincial jurisdictions.

Family cars with fun

So, you've had your fun and now you're paying the price. The Mustang/Mini/Miata/(insert-your-choice-here) of your carefree, childfree youth is history. Life as you drove it is sooo over.