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Volvo Tow For Life Launches in Canada

Evan Williams By: Evan Williams May 26, 2021

Volvo Cars Canada has just announced that its complimentary roadside assistance program, Tow For Life, is launching in Canada. It gives Volvo owners here the same lifetime free towing service that the automaker has offered south of the border since 2019.

The Tow For Life service offers a complimentary tow for Volvo owners, but unlike most roadside services it isn’t just for those who have a Volvo that’s still under the factory warranty. Tow For Life is available to owners of any Volvo vehicle, so if you’re still driving your Canadian-built 740, your 122 S, or your P1800 – and of course more modern machinery as well – then you can call up Volvo Customer Care and have your vehicle towed to the nearest Volvo retailer, up to 50 km, free of charge.

“At Volvo, it is important to us that we help our customers get the service they expect, when they need it” said Matt Girgis, managing director, Volvo Cars Canada, “We are committed to providing all of our customers with expert service that includes genuine Volvo parts and repair methods. With Tow for Life, customers can get back on the road faster and feel confident in the safety of their vehicle.”

This isn’t the first extra service Volvo has offered to owners of its older cars. Six years ago, the automaker announced that Canadian customers would receive a lifetime warranty on all replacement parts that were purchased and installed at a Volvo retailer. The warranty included not just parts but also labour on just about anything that isn’t a wear item. The automaker lists parts availability for models as old as 1975 on its online parts store.

Volvo has always been a bit different from the average automaker, and this helps them stand out. While other automakers may still help you find a tow truck after the new vehicle or CPO roadside assistance period is over, none of them will get you on a flatbed for free.

Volvo Tow For Life