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5 Upcoming EVs Worth Waiting For

With the EV market heating up, there are some exciting new products worth being patient for.
Chris D'Alessandro

Electric cars are no longer sorted into a category of either pure fantasy, snooze-inspiring econo-box or souless tech-bro mobile.

With the arrival of cars like the Porsche Taycan, EVs are becoming cooler and more exciting by the minute. As technology and infrastructure improve, and with no signs of demand slowing down, we can expect to see a lot more EVs on the road over the next few years.

But let’s say you’re in the market for an EV now. Do you follow the herd and run out to buy a Model 3? Or do you shrug your shoulders and let the world know that you do indeed wear socks with sandals and buy a new Chevrolet Bolt?

My advice? Other than selling your organs for the Porsche Taycan? Pump your regenerative brakes for just a few more months and wait for one of these upcoming EVs.

5 Upcoming EVs Worth Waiting For

Ford Mustang Mach E

The new electric Mustang SUV will either go down in history as a soulless perversion of the highest calibre or a stroke of pure marketing genius.

Which is odd. When brands like Porsche or Jaguar… or Aston Martin or Lamborghini or Maserati take their iconic styling and apply it to an SUV, most enthusiasts don’t make a peep.

Pull the same trick with the Mustang, however, and the pitchforks come out. Still, for everyone not stuck living in a version of 1967 that never really existed, it’s worth getting excited about the new Mustang Mach E.

Ford says that new Mustang Mach E models will have at least a 355 km range and produce a minimum of 255 horsepower. Expect higher-end models to do more. Longer range models are estimated to be capable of up to 475 km and the top-of-the-line GT model will produce a “targeted” 459 horsepower.



Is it a proper Mustang? No. It’s a marketing trick. But so what? The Mustang always was. The first Mustang was just a new body on an old Falcon chassis. The terrible Mustang II shared a chassis with the Pinto. The Fox Body platform wasn’t bespoke to the Mustang—it was the underpinning of most of the Ford lineup at the time.

The Mustang nameplate has continually been slapped on whatever product Ford needed to inject some excitement into over the decades. And you know what? It always did. Even the god awful Mustang II can be credited with saving the brand during a time of crisis.

This new EV Mustang seems no different. What it looks poised to do is inject a much needed dose of personality into the EV market. Sure it’s just slapping a Mustang badge onto an electric SUV, but in doing so, it gives this car infinitely more personality than anything Tesla has ever made.

Okay, the name is bad. I will grant you that. “Mach E” sounds like “Mockery”. How did nobody at Ford catch that?


Tesla Model Y

The big rumour is that Tesla Model Y customers have been receiving emails telling them to expect their new cars to be delivered next month.

Which is kind of shocking (no pun intended) as Tesla doesn’t exactly have the best track record when it comes to meeting deadlines.

5 Upcoming EVs Worth Waiting For

5 Upcoming EVs Worth Waiting For

So, if Tesla is to be believed, you won’t have to wait for their new electric crossover SUV for long. Since it’s said to do 0 – 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds and have up to a 507 km range, it just might end up being the EV to beat—certainly in the crossover category.

The price is tough to swallow. The Model Y currently starts at $72,390 CND. And even though that’s about $45,000 cheaper than the Model X (which turned out to be a bit of a flop), you can see how something like the Mustang Mach E with it’s cool badges and muscle car styling might be worth comparison shopping.


Unnamed Lincoln SUV

Back in April 2019, Ford announced a $500 million investment in Rivian , a Michigan-based electric vehicle startup that actually dates back to 2009.

Currently, Rivian is probably best known for its upcoming all-electric pickup truck and SUV  which debuted at the LA Auto Show a couple years back. 

5 Upcoming EVs Worth Waiting For

Ford said that it would use Rivian’s platform, including the battery, electric motors and other pieces of the EV drivetrain in a future vehicle. We now know that the vehicle in question will be a Lincoln SUV.

It was said that the Rivian platform was capable of over 640 kilometres of range and able to reach 100 km/h in 3 seconds—which would certainly be fierce competition against the established Teslas.

Not much more has been confirmed about the upcoming Lincoln SUV EV, but if it looks anything like the Rivian products, it’ll be worth the wait.


Ford F-150 Electric Pickup

After announcing it would build an all-electric F-150 at the 2019 Detroit Autoshow, Ford seems to have had some spy shots leak of the vehicle in question.

Details are still sketchy around EV F-150. There is of course a PR stunt of an all-electric prototype towing 1 million pounds worth of train cars, created as a way to prove that an electric F-150 would be every bit as powerful as a V8 option.

5 Upcoming EVs Worth Waiting For

Whether or not the production truck will be as powerful remains to be seen. However, it’ll be nice if the electric F150 maintains the looks of the gas-powered version.

Because they don’t have to extract heat or worry about air intakes, so many EVs suffer from a loss of visual characteristics — and they all end up looking like a big sculpted mound of nothing. EVs look like a smartphone; sleek, ergonomic… but never beautiful or tough.

Ford has to be smart enough to know that the rugged and iconic front face of an F150 is a big part of its charm… right?


GMC Hummer EV

The Hummer is back. This time as a pickup truck. This time as a GMC. This time as an all-electric vehicle.

And if you figured that you’re not going to wait for an electric GMC truck, maybe some of the numbers released by GM will change your mind.

This new Hummer has 1,000 horsepower and will do 0 to 100 km/h in roughly 3 seconds. It also has 11,500 pound-feet of torque. Not 1,500… 11,500. How is that physically possible? Most likely, GM is referring to axle torque, or wheel torque, not the amount of torque produced by the electric motors.

Still… it’ll tow.

5 Upcoming EVs Worth Waiting For

GM’s Detroit-Hamtramck plant will handle production with a target to begin in Fall 2021. The first deliveries are planned to begin soon after.

There are no details or even hints around the pricing. Hell there are only two teaser images released by GMC to go on the looks at the moment.

But who cares? 1,000 horsepower.
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