Drone in 2007 Grand Marquis may be exhaust

I would appreciate some help with my 2007 Mercury Grand Marquis (27,000 km). When I accelerate or decelerate I get a drone sound – it's a bit like a subdued hotrod. The dealer can't s

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2007 Jaguar XKR Convertible

Driving the beefy yet sensuous, feline and ferocious Jaguar XKR Convertible puts stupefied grins on anyone with a pulse.

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2007 Volvo C70

The C70's three-piece lid is an engineering marvel that draws a crowd whenever it operates,but what about the rest of the car?

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2007 Smart ForTwo Passion Coupe

The new gas-driven Smart is a lot more powerful than before; despite what seems like a meagre 70-horsepower rating, the two-seater's light weight means it scoots along city streets just fine.

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2007 VW Passat 4Motion wagon

The VW Passat 4Motion Wagon is big, packed with features and gadgets -- and it costs more than $57,000, as tested.

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2007 Saturn Aura

When you start up the Saturn Aura at night, there's quite a show. First, the white instrument needles make a sweep of the darkened cluster and then, slowly, the gold and white lines and numbers